for theta tech is life

code is poetry

math is music

functional systems

algorithms representing our ideals


compassionate coding

sustaining our existence

edifying history


For Theta members technology is an extension of life, and engineering a mindset for problem solving and efficiency. Subjects like building computers, robots, artificial intelligence, space travel, biotechnology, edutainment, gaming, and virtual worlds are discussed, developed, and researched everyday in our labs. Members both young and old wrestle with hard problems in the now and the future.

"to create the world of tomorrow—tonight"

Isabel W. (HighSchool Member)


Avakas Theta offers CS certificates for professional engineers and beginning programmers. For students in K-16 we offer courses, bootcamps, incubators, hackathons, and certifications.


The future is unlimited and interconnected. Let's play.

Currently Enrolling

Avakas Theta CS Certification

ATCS Computer Science 1 ATCS-CS1 (Adult)

ATCS Data Securities 1 ATCS-DS1 (Adult)

Avakas Theta CS Languages

Beginner ATCSL1 (gr. 3-8)

Intermediate - ATCSL2 (gr. 5-12)

Advanced - ATCSL3 (High School-Collegiate)

Avakas CS International

ACS Bilingual (Chinese/English)- ACSXC (ages 12+)

ACS Bilingual (Hindi/English)- ACSXH (ages 12+)

ACS Bilingual (Spanish/English)- ACSXS (ages 12+)

Electrical engineer working on circuit b


Robotics & Engineering

Building the future of humanity through the eyes of the Theta engineer. Creating a better tomorrow through our best tech and most compassionate sensibilities.

Build Computers - Hardware - Robotics - AI  - Remote Agriculture



Chess at Avakas is used to develop problem solving skills, creativity, strategy, memory, grit, and more.

Chess Club/Team (Beginner-Advanced)

Grades: 1-12

Chess Game
Math and Geometry Tools

Theta Math

math, logic, ethics, philosophy,

business, music


Theta Math combines algebraic, discrete mathematics, logic, philosophy, ethics, business, and music. Designed for the next generation.

  1. Parent and child class (ages 0-5)

  2. Incorporates math, music, and movement

  3. Development of large and small motor skills

  4. Memorization

  5. Poetry

  6. Quintlingual rubrics (English, French, ancient Greek, Japanese, Spanish)

  7. Montessori elements (sensorial, modular)

  8. Art and creativity, geometry

  9. Logic, puzzles, games, chess

  10. Physical exercise and breathing awareness

fall 2021