What is the Ávakas Institute?

The Ávakas Institute is an online learning institution built for students of all ages. Our program is divided into five departments Alpha Creative, Theta Engineering, Delta Science, Omega Humanities, Zeta Business Law.


At Ávakas we believe life is not just a journey but rather a mindset and a process. Our vision for each member is formed on five ideas:

1. Self-actualization

2. Innovation

3. Edification

4. Compassion

5. Sustainability 

Each pillar is an ecosystem of ideas, goals, and value statements.* At Ávakas our aim is to recognize, understand, and develop these value sets (and parallel skill sets) that are unique to each member.

Whether a child, adult or sentinel, we believe your full potential is attainable if your uniqueness is identified and developed. This type of work is only accomplished through introspection and guidance from of a vibrant community of families, friends, colleagues, mentors, and machines.

Live your genius, everyday.

*Ávakas is the Greek spelling of "abacus" and is pronounced similarly ("v" replacing the "b") with an accent on the first vowel. We often use the non-accented "A" in writing but use the accented "Á" in pronunciation. Vision concepts, 1. Self-actualization (your why and how) 2. Innovation (creativity and originality) 3. Edification (development of ethics and values) 4. Compassion (kindness, family, community-minded) 5. Sustainability (environmental protection, physical and mental health).




Ávakas Symposium
On various Sundays members of the community both students, faculty, and ZetaWest artists contribute their artistry and research towards a collective learning environment called the "Ávakas Symposium."  Each Symposium is an opportunity for members to present their work as a final product or in-process performance. Here are a few Conservatory videos from the last symposium.
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