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At Ávakas* we believe life is not a journey but rather a mindset and process. An approach towards each day that is both routine and at the same time creative. Our mission is based on five ideas that encompass our holistic approach to work, study, and play.

1. Self-actualization

2. Innovation

3. Edification

4. Compassion

5. Sustainability

Each idea is within itself an ecosystem of other ideas, goals, and value statements. At Ávakas it is the process of these value sets that allow us to develop each member to their fullest potential. Whether a child or a senior member we assert that greatness is possible if a commitment to one's  potential is identified, strategized, and developed with lazer focus.


Live your genius.

*Ávakas is the Greek spelling of "abacus" and is pronounced similarly with a "v" replacing the "b".

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