Ávakas Symposium
On various Sundays members of the community both students, faculty, and ZetaWest artists contribute their artistry and research towards a collective learning environment called the "Ávakas Symposium."  Each Symposium is an opportunity for members to present their work as a final product or in-process performance. Here are a few Conservatory videos from the last symposium.




What is the Ávakas Institute?

The Ávakas Institute is an e-learning company in the fields of art, business, humanities, science, and technology.

Philosophy and Mission

At Ávakas we believe life is not just a journey but rather a mindset and a process. A unique approach towards each day that is creative, rewarding, routine, productive, and positive. Our mission is formed on five ideas which encompass our holistic approach to work, study, and play.*

1. Self-actualization

2. Innovation

3. Edification

4. Compassion

5. Sustainability 

Each pillar is an ecosystem of other questions, solutions, goals, and value statements.** At Ávakas it is recognizing, understanding, and developing these value sets (and the parallel skill sets) that help in each program. Whether a child, adult or sentinel, we believe "true genius" is attainable at any age if a commitment to one's unique qualities are identified, resourced, and developed. This type of work is only accomplished through deep introspection along side a community of family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and machines.

Live your genius, everyday.

*Ávakas is the Greek spelling of "abacus" and is pronounced similarly ("v" replacing the "b") with an accent on the first vowel. We often use the non-accented "A" in writing but use the accented "Á" in pronunciation. ** 1. Self-actualization (your why and how) 2. Innovation (creativity and originality) 3. Edification (continual development of ethics and morals) 4. Compassion (kindness, family/community-minded) 5. Sustainability (environmental protection, physical/mental health). Avakas is divided into five department Alpha Creative, Theta Engineering, Delta Science, Omega Humanities, and Zeta Enterprise.

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