Ávakas Symposium
On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month members of the community both students, faculty, and ZetaWest artists contribute their artistry and research towards a collective learning environment called the "Avakas Symposium."  Each Symposium is an opportunity for members to present their work as a final product or in process performance. Below are set of videos from this past Symposium. Next Symposium is on Sunday Jan 31 at 12pm PST.




Soli Beats "Josh" 8th gr




Ávakas* is the belief that life is not a journey, but rather a mindset and process. An approach towards each day that is both routine and creative. Our mission, based on five ideas, encompass our holistic approach to work, study, and play.

1. Self-actualization

2. Innovation

3. Edification

4. Compassion

5. Sustainability


Each idea is an ecosystem of other questions, solutions, goals, and value statements. At Avakas** it is the process of these value sets that allow us to develop members to their fullest potential. Whether a child, adult or sentinel; we believe greatness is attainable if a commitment to one's unique potential is identified and developed. This development is fully accomplished through a community of family, friends, colleagues, and mentors.

Live your genius, everyday.

*Ávakas is the Greek spelling of "abacus" and is pronounced similarly ("v" replacing the "b") with an accent on the first vowel. **We often use the non-accented "A" in writing but use the accented "Á" in pronunciation.

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